What actually happened during the trailer

  • ABC: So the window is frozen over alright.
  • RC: Yeah.
  • EDR: Got it.
  • ABC: So Rumple goes to look out the window.
  • RC: Ok that's me.
  • EDR: Yeah ok cool.
  • ABC: And Rumple sees the window getting frozen and he's creeped out.
  • RC: Yes sure, I can do that.
  • EDR: Ok... and huh, what do I do?
  • ABC:
  • EDR:
  • RC:
  • ABC:
  • ABC: You?
  • ABC: Girl.
  • ABC: This show is too PG-13 for what you are doing inside this shop.
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just saw the OUAT promo and

oh look

no belle

but at least we have hook coming out of a bar during ladies night

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S T E P H E N arrow spoilers
"“It’s not a fake-out,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told EW. “Felicity and Oliver actually have a pretty raw discussion about what they mean to each other, which we’re really excited about, and it’s an extension of what happened at the end of last year.” So that almost-kiss you see in the latest promo for the new season? It’s bona fide." - (via dgct2)
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hell yeah Queen: Hermione Granger Queen: Ginny Weasley Queen: Luna Lovegood harryp


Better get my shit packed for Hogwarts the train leaves tomorrow

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haha every single person in this gif except slughorn dies hoW DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL im gonna cry i dont even like snape BUT THIS GIFSET UGH King: Harry Potter harryp
these two idiots omg QUEEN Queen: Helena Bonham Carter
bring me back to this House: Stark Queen: Arya Stark got
SO ACCURATE IT HURTS King: Oliver Queen arrow
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